Is there a blind fitting charge?

There is no fit cost, we now fit all blinds Free of Charge in Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland ensuring your new blinds are fitted correctly resulting in them lasting for years to come. VUE Window Blinds installers will remove your old blinds from the window if you are unable do so, unfortunately we will not take your old window coverings away.

Do you give an exact time of when the fitter will arrive?

At the time of booking you will be provided with an agreeable date for fitting or an approximate date the blinds will be ready upon which the fitter will contact you to arrange a suitable date. We are able to provide a morning or afternoon appointment but as each job is different it’s not possible to provide exact times. The fitter can arrange to contact you to advise when they are on route.

Are the blinds manufactured in the UK?

Yes, all our blinds are manufactured in the UK, in-fact most of our blinds are manufactured right here in Glasgow, Scotland.

When do I pay for my blinds?

We usually take a 1/3 as a deposit at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed and the final balance is paid the day the blinds are fitted and you are 100% satisfied.

Do you offer cheap blinds?

Our blinds are not 'cheap' in relation to quality, for example all Roller Blinds are fitted with a No Sew Bottom bar and UK Manufactured sidewinders; however, they cost less than most of our competitors while providing a superior product. This is because we do not have a fancy show room, instead we offer a very convenient 'Home Shop Service' in Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland. This way we can offer affordable low cost blinds while still providing our customers a high quality product.

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